You’re in an insane asylum

You’re in an insane asylum. Look at the chat bar on the right and add in your friends in order, no cheating!!
(I’ll put a clean copy in comments so you can do your own)
This should be fun since it is Mental Health Awareness Month
1. Playing with their imaginary friends- Missy Harton
2. Believes they are Batman-Brian Miller
3. Is licking the windows-Sharen P Skelton
4. Wearing a straight jacket while singing ” I’m a little teapot-Leah Negron
5. Everything they say rhymes -Kasey Dawn Hill
6. Refuses to go to bed until they sprinkle salt around the bed-Elias Raven
7. Is obsessed with a baby doll -Lea Winkelman
8. Constantly tries to escape -Amanda ZoeyMae Kimble
9. Steals everyone’s lime jell-o because they’re sure it’s radioactive-Sharon Johnson
10. Is the craziest of all because they think they are perfectly normal-Maureen Brown

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